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Aviano Classified FAQ

Aviano’s List FAQ

Frequently Asked Question


Q:  I’m PCSing and I would really like to continue using Aviano’s List!  Could you add my base?

A:  Sure, please contact me and I’m willing to do that!


Q: How can I select my Base?

A:  You will be prompted with a pop-up once you visit the site.  From there you can select your base and you will only see listing from your base.  Click on the Base link on the menu (which might appear as the base selected if you like to change base) to change base.


Q:  Why when I click on Aviano as my Base only a few listings show up?

A:  Since adding “Bases” is relatively new, all new ad listings will be signed up with the new form which requires the base to be entered.  The current listings have no base selected.  Once those ads expire and are reposted, they will have to ad the base for it to be filtered.

 Q:  How can I bump up my ad to be visible?

A:  You must log in to your account; click manage ads, click on your ad, and below it you can see the “Bump Ad” button. Click on it and your ad will be right on top of the list


Q:  I can not see the Bump Up button once I’ve used it, where did it go?

A:  Currently you can Bump Up your ad listing once every 24 hours.


Q: Is Aviano’s List ran locally?

A: Yes, I am part of the Aviano community, but the server is in the United States.


Q: Why did you create Aviano’s List?

A:  Aviano’s List was created mostly as a project to give Aviano a better classifieds alternative than avianoclassifieds[dot]com.


Q: Why does my ad have to be approved?

A:  Ads get reviewed and process to protect the user experience.  One of the problems that is very common on classified sites is that people continue to post there ads multiple times to try to be on top.  This is something most people don’t like.


Q:  Can I post my ad multiple times?

A:  You can not post the same ad multiple times, but you are encouraged to list as many individual ads as possible!


Q:  Why are there sponsored links on the site?

A:  The sponsored links you see are a way for us to get donations so we can reinvest into Aviano’s List and provide a free service.  It pays mostly for the domain and server.  All the updates and managing of the site are done for free.


Q:  Can I sponsor a link for my website?

A:  Yes you can feel free to email me for more information.


Q: Why am I not receiving emails of people trying to contact me?

A:  Please check your spam inbox and set your email clients service where it will not recognize emails from Aviano’s List as spam.


Q:  Can I donate money to your website?

A:  Yes, we are always looking for donations.  Please contact me for more info.  If you are a business we can feature your listings.