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I am the creator and manager of Aviano's List. Feel free to contact me and follow me on Facebook!

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Esc polka dot pet lead leash – raspberry

Bought this for my dog on amazon but realized its more for a medium size to large dog. paid $15.00 usd and selling it for $12 east side collection polka dot dog lead adds a zing of eye-catching color to any dog's look...

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Adapter Kit


Sim card adapter kit for iphone

I purchased this for my sim card because i thought i lost my adapter, once i've purchased it i had found it. brand new never opened!

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Airport Extreme


Apple airport

With airport express, getting your new wi‑fi network up and running takes less time — and less effort — than making a cup of coffee. that’s because a setup assistant is built into ios and into airport utility for os x. a...

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Air pump (110v)

Here is an air pump that can be used to blow up a mattress or any inflatable children toys. i have two adapters that go with it.

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Full Suit


Baby snow suit

This is a snow suit with with attached mittens and snow shoes for keeping your baby warm. size: 3 months color: pink with

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Crib sheet and mattress pad

Crib sheet- fits 28in(71,1 cm) x 52in (132,1 cm) crib mattress and its made of 100%cotton fitted waterproof quilted mattress pad - fits a crib size of 24" x 38"; 100 % soft cotton for comfort; 100% waterproof vinyl ba...

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Maternity Gown


Maternity gown

Brand new maternity gown. original price is $40.00. never been used tag is still on

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Cap and Gown


Graduation cap and gown

I'm selling my cap and gown used from my graduation at embry-riddle. only been worn once, literally. lol!

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glass set


12 piece set

Brand new never used. contains the following - 4 red wine glasses (50cl.) - 4 white wine glasses (38cl.) - 4 water glasses (33cl.)

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Full Picure


Chicco snow suit for 6 month-old

This is a chicco snow suit purchased and never used. was bought for 50 euros and selling it for 40.00 dollars. the snowsuit is a one piece, with detachable mittens and booties, so your little one will be warm, dry and...

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Comments Off on Aviano’s List 2.5 Fully Released!

Aviano’s List 2.5 Fully Released!

| Uncategorized | September 28, 2014

Avianos List

Aviano’s List has gone through two major versions.  The first version was something that could be only used on desktop and could allow you to post just a few pictures at a limited size. The second version was a major overhaul not only on the aesthetics, but in the features.  It allowed for infinite scroll, it was mobile ready, allowed 7 pictures over 10mb each, and list view or grid view, just to name a few! Check out 2.0

Version 2.0 was by far the most popular with the most features that really left me to think what else could be done.  It has brought more more visits to the site than ever before.  On average Aviano’s List is now receiving over 400 daily visits a day.  That’s over 12,000 visits a month!!!

So instead of redoing the framework and features, it was decided the best route to go was to add some major features that would enhance 2.0.  These new features add a new experience that wasn’t possible before.

These features are:

  • Bump AdScreen Shot 2014-09-13 at 1.40.58 PM
  • Listing Alerts
  • Base Selection
  • Euro/Dollar Currency Selection
  • Infinite Scroll in your dashboard

Bump Ad

This feature allows you to bump your ad right back to the top of the list.  All you have to do is log in to your account.  Select your classified ad and underneath you will see Bump Ad.  This feature can be utilized once every 24 hours.  No more trying to create multiple ads that are the same.

Listing Alerts

Want to be notified when something new is posted? Well now you can.

listing alerts

aviano’s list listing alerts

Lets say you were searching for “Cars” and didn’t find the one you were looking for.  Now you will be able to “Get Alerts by Email”.  By subscribing and getting alerts you’ll be notified once a day if anything matching your search is newly posted. Once you no longer want the alerts, you can just unsubscribe.  Just remember the keywords are what you put on your search

Base Selection

Having some friends in Camp Darby inspired me to expand Aviano’s List to more than one base.  They had brought up to me that Darby is a detachment of Aviano Air Base.  Well, I decided to open up the site for Darby and Vicenza.  I also hope Aviano’s List can be something that can be useful even after you PCS.  If you like to add a base please email me info@avianoslist.com.

Euro/Dollar Currency Selection

Now you have the ability to choose to sell in Euro or in Dollars.  There are non-military members that use this site and this can open up possibilities to reach out more buyers

Infinite Scroll In Your Dashboard

Now you can view all your listings in one page.  This allows you to manage your listings with more efficiency



Please report any bugs, enjoy!

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Comments Off on

| Uncategorized | August 3, 2014

Aviano Classified Ads

Hello everyone!

Some suggestions are in the works in making the website even better, more to come on that!  Hopefully these could be implemented in the next update.  I am also working on making some video tutorials to help share your listed ads and get more exposure via social media.  I have also in the past created a blog post in explaining how to create effective ads which I recommend for everyone to read.

Recently more and more people are asking me questions about Aviano’s List website, which I enjoy helping people out.  Feel free contact me anytime.  Your feedback is always appreciated to create a better experience.



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Aviano’s List 2.0

| Uncategorized | March 11, 2014

Hello Aviano Listers!

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has been following us on Facebook and using the Aviano’s List website.  I personally thought it wouldn’t have been used enough to continue making upgrades and updates.  Again, I thank you!

Sometime last year (more like September) I did a major overhaul of the site.  I never really had the opportunity to share what the new features were.  Well let me share them with you, I apologize for being super late:

  • The site has become even more mobile friendly
  • You are allowed to add 6 images at 7MB per picture
  • You can use your smart-phone to create a listing
  • Infinite scroll; no more clicking through tabs
  • Recommended listings when viewing an ad
  • You can now view listings in two formats Grid view and List view
  • New Categories Tab added
  • Created a Newsletter for users (I hope to share good info)
  • You can mark an item on your dashboard as Sold
  • True responsive architecture (displays in any device)
  • Updated anti-spam measures

I will be making instructional videos in the near future to help new users understand how to use the site.  Like always feel free to contact me.

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Local Markets

| Uncategorized | February 27, 2014

Today I was asked by some friends what the schedules are for the local open-air markets.  Well, I didn’t have a definite answer.  So I decided to do some research and wanted to share it with the local community.

This is what I had gathered:

Monday: Maniago, Azzano Decimo, Lignano, Vittorio Veneto, Trieste
Tuesday: Aviano, Casarsa, Codroipo, Trieste
Wednesday: Pordenone, Budoia, San Daniele, Cordignano, Oderzo, Latisana, Trieste
Thursday: Roveredo, San Quirino, Fontanafredda, Fiume Veneto, Montereale, Sacile, Trieste, Portogruraro
Friday: Cordenons, Conegliano, Porcia, San Vito al Tagliamento, Trieste
Saturday: Pordenone, Spilimbergo, Treviso, Trieste

On top of that a few towns hold an “Antique Markets” as well.  They are less frequent.  You can find some interesting items and its worth checking them all out since they are not all the same.  Aviano’s is usually a pretty decent size, but of course, Pordenone’s is a lot bigger!  Here is what I found:

Aviano – First Sunday of the month
Pordenone – Last Sunday of the month
Trieste – Third Sunday of the month
Vittorio Veneto – Second Saturday of each month in the evening, and on the second Sunday of each month during the day

If you find any of this incorrect please let me know so i can update this page.  See you at the next market!

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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

| Uncategorized | November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday to get together and and look back on what great friends and family one has.  We hope everyone stuffed their faces with great food!

We would like to give thanks to everyone who is making Aviano’s List a growing success.  We continue to make a better product than the one that is already there. One that is user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.  Our next goal is to make our site mobile friendly so it can be viewed through your smartphone web browsers and potential list through your phone!

In the last few weeks we would like to mention the following improvements:

  •  the search engine has been optimized
  •  we have stopped over 1,800 spammers
  •  increased the size limit of photos to 2MB
  •  decreased multiple ad listing of the same kind
  •  increased our community to over 400 people (still growing)

Next we would like to mention about listing submittals. A question was asked about making our website automatically approve listings so they could be seen quicker like AvianoClassifieds(dot)com.  We did start off like that initially but decided to actually go through and approve listings.  The reason being is that a lot of people like to repost their items up to 15-20 times!  We truly believe that ruins the user experience.  It was an early complaint we couldn’t ignore.  

Another thing we were noticing is users will repost their item a few days later creating another similar listing just to be on top. We are actually working on a feature that will allow you to do that without spamming the website.

We typically check the for listings four times a day, and our goal is to approve listings within 12 hours.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed Black Friday.  If you ever need to make space in your house; Aviano List is here to help you sell things to make that much needed room!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!!

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Thank you Aviano!

| Uncategorized | October 6, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Aviano’s List has come a long way in a short period of time.  Its only been up and running for   about a month and we get about 500 visits a day. That is Amazing!!!  We are dedicated in providing new features to make the user experience great.

Gathering feedback from users can help us determine what improvements to make on our site.  This week alone we have added:

  • new categories – makes searches even more precise
  • Facebook sharing per listing – allows the ability to share through Facebook (helps spread the word of your listing)
  • email sharing per listing – email listings straight to friends
  • listings per category – now you can see the number of listing per category which lets you see which ones are empty
  • anti-spam measures – prevents spammers from posting spam on your listing
  • 5 pictures (500KB) per listing – great for selling cars, renting apartments, or giving great detail of you product

These improvements will help you create great listings for you to sell.  Being currently stationed at Aviano (not like other sites webmasters) user experience is always in mind.  We will continue to develop web applications that will help make things easy.


any suggestions email:  info@avianoslist.com

Follow us on Facebook



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Hello Aviano

| Uncategorized | June 27, 2012

We have started this website as a response to provide a better means of selling, trading, or giving away household goods, clothing, electronics cars, and anything else you can think of. Follow us on Facebook (click here) for information pertaining to our site and help us spread the word through social media!

What we have created is a site where you can create an account where you can manage your classified ads. Our ad submission form is easy to follow and can be managed through your account to re-post or edit those ads. These ads will remain on our listing for 30 days. Our site also has the capability to show the ‘Most Recent Post’, ‘Most Popular, or just ‘Random’ stuff! Our built in search engine has a powerful logarithm that can help you find what you need.

You are also able to add 3 photos to your ad post along with directions, if needed, that is linked to Google Maps. Contact forms are built in nicely on the right column so you can easily contact the Poster.

We hope you enjoy Aviano’s List’s website experience and we are always looking for input from our followers to make it even better!


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